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Alternate Languages for your Website

We now have the capablity to display your website pages in multiple languages.  Thanks to translations provided by Google.com, this can be very easy for you to manage. 

Notice on the left side we have a drop down menu.  It indicates the language this page is currently displaying.  Our websites will automatically select the language requested by the browser if that language is enabled on your site.  Your visitors normally set their preferred language when initially setting up their computer.  You can override the natural selection by just clicking on the language drop down and selecting another.

What makes this easy is that when you edit your English language page, the server will automatically translate the English for all your alternate language pages using Google's translation.  In addition to the automatic translations, you are still able to perfect the translations by employing a native speaker to check/edit your translated pages.  Once you have modified a translated page, you can prevent updates of the English page from overwriting the translation.

We provide you with the ability to prevent automatic translations of key pieces of text.  Normally you would do this to prevent business names from being translated.  For example, our LLC is "Useful Media Planet".  Notice on the translated pages to see if Useful Media Planet is used without doing this.  The next paragraph is marked as not automatically translated.

This is a paragraph that we want only to be in English.  We are doing this here for demonstration purposes, but you may have other reasons to do this.

We hope this feature - almost instantaneous translation of your website - will enable you to reach an international target market.  Of course, this feature is not a substitute for the professionalism a native speaker can provide.