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Truck Image

Edit Your Text

This page is provided to you so that you can experience our web page editor. You can modify the content on your pages with nothing more than your cookie-enabled web browser! Don't wait weeks for your webmaster to make trivial changes on your site!

Click on the link above to edit this page. You can change the content of this page to anything you want! The changes you make here will only be visible to your browser so you don't need to worry about others seeing your changes. Of course on your site, changes made by this editor will immediately become visible to your viewers. Before you go in the editor, roll your mouse over the truck and observe what happens...now just do it....go to the editor!

xtraordinary Features

This highlights some of the advanced editing features you have with our editor. The bottom row of the editor button panel buttons are for advanced users. Try selecting this box by clicking near the edge - you will see all content inside highlighted. Then modify the shape, position, background of the box with the "Modify element position" (Edit position icon) button.

The title of this section shows the DropCap feature. Put your cursor anywhere in the title line and click "Toggle Drop Caps" (Toggle DropCaps icon) to turn this off or on. Click "Edit Drop Caps Settings" (Edit DropCap icon)to modify the font characteristics for the drop cap character!

The title of the page shows the Enhanced Text feature. Click on the "Sample Edit Page" image then click "Set/Edit Enhanced Text" (Enhanced Text Feature) to see how you can generate, fancy shadowed fonts on your website!

photoEdit images on your page

Use edit/insert image(Image Manager Icon) dialog to modify the truck image. When that dialog is open:

  • click on "Appearance" and try floating the truck to the left rather than the right using "Alignment".
  • Use "Border" to put a border around it or change its size with "Dimensions".
  • Look at the "Advanced" tab and see how we make the image change when you roll your mouse over it (be sure to save your changes and look at the rollover on the page -- the effect doesn't appear in the editor).
  • Set the "Alignment" to something other than right or left. Notice that it is now positioned inline with your text -- try dragging it to another location in the text!

Links to other pages and sites.

Links are an important part of every web page! Making a link is easy!

  1. Just select some text or even an image and click Link Iconto bring up the link dialog.
  2. Go to another browser window on your computer and browse to a favorite website.
  3. Copy the address from that window's address bar and come back to the editor and paste it into the "Link URL" field.
  4. Click "Insert" (you may need to close the link dialog in the upper right corner) and you have it!!
  5. Save your edit by clicking "Submit" and try your new link out!

Tables help you format your content.


This is the table caption

Tables provide a great way to control layout on a page. We are using a table here to organize text into columns and areas. This column is set to be 1/3 the width of the table. Notice that if you continue to type text into this area, the table just gets longer to accomodate the new text.

Click on table iconto create a new table or edit and existing one. It is in the lower left corner of the editor controls.

There are a slew of controls to manipulate tables ( )

Fred's Used Websites
Table manipulation can seem quite complicated at first but as you practice you will get better and better at doing it.