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Newsletters from Fred's Used Websites

Newsletters provide a way to regularly stay in touch with people that are members or clients of your organization.  For reasonably small lists (up to about 500 recipients),  our "Mail List" feature showcased on this page is an easy way to send these newsletters and also make back versions readily available.  In essence this feature couples a page with a series of messages with a list of e-mail recipients.

You should provide a privacy policy to ensure your viewers that their personal information is safe. This feature provides a way for your recipients to easily stop receiving messages from you and you should NEVER violate that request.

Your viewers can sign up for your newsletter by entering their information in a form as you see below. You will be sent an e-mail that allows you to accept or reject this request.

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This is where you can list back issues of your newsletters or mailings.  You can selectively enable/disable your mail list entries (below).  You could, for example, have a current newsletter as a work-in-progress and would naturally keep that invisible from your site visitors.  If you don't want to make back issues available, you can easily disable all entries with a simple configuration setting.