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Facebook Plugins

Social plugins for Facebook let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on your website, your Facebook Page or sites across the web.  It is a powerful way to create a more personalized, social experience for your site visitors.

NOTE: If you don't see any of the plugins below that is because you are using Internet Explorer and it is not the latest version (IE9).  You really should use another browser.  Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera come to mind because they all work (and you can have a modern browser for your Windows XP system).  In my enthusiasm to get this going I neglected to try it on those old slow buggy browsers and yet again was bitten.

Update: I fixed the problem thanks to someone online that also had same problem and spent a day fixing. This should be working now for you IEer's.  I still stand behind my suggestion above.

Like Button

The Facebook Like button is shown first.  This is typically used to get your website visitors to "Like" the page they are on.  The "Like" causes all their friends to see the link to your website page.  You can also add a "Send" button where they can send a private message with the link to a selected set of their friends.  Unlike some of the other types of Facebook plugins the "Like" button is really intended to link to your site page and not your Facebook Page.

You can optionally add a Face Pile to the Like Button for greater impact.  We also changed the verb from "Like" to "Recommend".


Face Pile

You can use a face pile to simply show faces of people who like your Facebook Page or any other website URL of your choice.  I'm showing the faces of your friends that Like our Fred's Used Websites Facebook Page (we hope you Like it too).  If you don't see anything then none of your friends have "Liked" this page - you can be the first!


Like Box

Now here is a great way to use your website to get Likes for your Facebook Page.  It shows a face pile of friends that already like your Facebook Page and also the stream of conversation on your Facebook Page.