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How-to Videos

Welcome to our "How-to Videos" page. We hope you will find the information here helpful. Start at the bottom of the list to find the most basic functions, such as creating your admin account, how to login and add content.

As you move up the list, you will find more advanced editing instructions, such as adding and managing pages and widgets.

None of this is difficult, so if you try something twice and still have a challenge, call us!

Make sure you add "update website" to your calendar at least quarterly so that the search enginges come crawling your website and find new content on a regular basis.

Customization for Loveland Chamber of Commerce website only

When you receive the e-mail inviting you to add your bio and photo to the Chamber's Ambassador's Bio page, just click on the link in the e-mail, fill in the form and click "submit" to complete this task. It will only take you about 5 minutes!

Customization for Loveland Chamber of Commerce website only

This video tells how to edit the multiple blended blogs on the chamber website. Be sure to login from the website, not WordPress. Simply navigate to the blog you want to edit with your website's navigational links.

Be certain to first login to the website, then navitage to the blog via the navigational links, then add "wp-admin" in the address line at the end of the blog's URL  (i.e. www.YourWebsiteName.com/blog/wp-admin ), then hit RETURN. This will take you to the WordPress blog dashboard. Edit the blog from there.

Note in the top left corner of the dashboard the blog(s) that reside on your website are listed in a dropdown and you can navigate to them (and remain logged in) from there.

How to work with tables in Fred's Used Websites' CMS (content management system).  Apply attributes to tables, position them, add or delete columns and rows, and fix tables that have become corrupted.

How to work with tables in Fred's Used Websites' CMS (content management system).  Tables can be useful to display text, lists, and images within the editable portion of a webpage. This video addresses, step-by-step, how to insert tables, apply attributes to them, position them and prevent them from becoming corrupted.

How to insert .pdft link into text on your webpage. It is a good idea be considerate to the site visitor and provide a link to the FREE Adobe Reader, just in case your site visitor is not able to open .pdf's.

If there are images, graphics and text in a given document, displaying the document as a .pdf is the best way to ensure every site visitor who opens the document has the same experience.

Using a .pdf ensures the document formatting will look the same regardless. Alternately, a .doc or .docx document may display differently and formatting may change if your site visitor is using a different document program other than Microsoft Word or its derivatives.

Optimize and reduce the .pdf file size (should not be larger than 1MB) to ensure rapid document display.

NOTE: The link used in this video to get the free Adobe Reader download (current as of 3/11/12) is:


How to insert hyperlinks into text on a webpage. To fill in the URL, I recommend always using a copy/paste process rather than transcribing the URL. Even it you are familiar with the URL, just typing it in is a great way to invite a broken link onto your website. Also, having two browser tabs open facilitates this process greatly. It is easy to open a second tab, regardless of which browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.). The top file menu offers to open a new window or a new tab. Some browsers show a plus sign ("+") and a new tab opens when you click on it. Providing hyperlinks to other information on the internet can be a value-add for your webpage.

How to manage, organize and add items to your website's upload directory. Add folders as necessary to keep the upload directory organized by file type, location or whatever makes sense for the types of images and documents you need to display on your website.

NOTE: If everything is in the root upload directory, you will have a hard time finding anything!

NOTE: When you are in the Upload Directory, notice in the upper right corner there is a toggle button which offers the opposite view. The Uplad Directory displays either in the Document Manger or the Image Manager. If you are inserting a document in the Document Manager (as opposed to an image), it is a two-step process:

  1. Click the checkbox to select a document
  2. Click on "insert" in the preview pane

Of course, to save the edits, click on "submit" at the bottom of the page.

How to moderate testimonials on your website using Fred's Used Website's powerful CMS (content management system). You have options available, including quick edit, enable/disable, ignore, delete or block. Each option gives you control over what appears to the public on your website. It is essential that you ask your clients to give you a testimonial.

This can be accomplished quickly and easily by writing them an e-mail with a live link to your Testimonials Page; take advantage of the urge to click on a link! Be certain to ask your clients for their testimonial when you deliver a product or complete a project. Keep your website up-to-date with current testimonials. Also as for their recommendations (such as on LinkedIn) at the same time

How to insert, populate and manage an animated image widget. You can add, order or re-order and delete photos. It is easy to add and edit captions. It is possible to set any number of uploaded images not to currently display but remain in the widget, then change the setting to allow one or all of these photos to display.

To rearrange photos, merely drag and drop them into the order in which you want them to appear.

Note: Do not simply hit the space bar to move a widget into place. It is best to do the math, taking the total number of pixels of the editable portion of the page you are editing, subtract the width of the widget (which is usually based on the best size to display the photos consistently across the website). Take half of the remaining pixels and set that as the left margin of the widget (edit the widget by using the "edit element" icon in the bottom line of icons - the one with the pencil!).

Never use the space bar to add spaces. The browser cannot read these spaces. If you put in a new paragraph (hard return) you will begin a new paragraph on a new line.

Be certain to add two new paragraphs after the heading, then arrow up to the first paragraph (after the heading) and then insert the widget there. Having a new paragraph after the widget ensures space for captions on the page.

How to upload and order or re-order photos in an animated image widget. You can also add or edit captions.

How to insert an element and add customized attributes to it on a web page. It is easy to match the colors and style of your website so elements make content "pop."

It is easy to change a web page from the default "full wide" layout to any number of customized layouts which might include columns in specified places on the page, a block beneath a left side navitational link panel, etc.

How-to add, reduce and resize photos on your website using our CMS. Our built-in photo editor allows you to resize photos, so your website will not be displaying fuzzy, pixilated photos. It takes only a few minutes to determine the best size photo for the area available. Resize, rename and you have both the original and resized visuals.

How-to add a page to your website with text and visual content.

It only takes a few minutes to add a page! So as your company or organization grows, you can expand your website to serve your target market with up-to-date information and content at no extra cost to you!

How-to insert anchors with hyperlinks on your webpage. This is a great way to manage a page full of text.


Naming an anchor:
When you create an anchor and name it, the name of the anchor must NOT HAVE ANY SPACES. For instance, Ques One will not work as an anchor name. QuesOne will work.

Customization for Loveland Chamber of Commerce website only

Add a Featured Chamber Investor to the Homepage using our widget. This function simutaneously creates the Featured Chamber Investor on the Homepage, this newly added investor's bio and photo on the page listing all the monthly featured investors.

How to login to edit your website. Some websites have visible login/password boxes; some do not. It is easy to bring up the login page for your website.

How to create your new website admin account. You have received an e-mail invitation to create your website account. Follow the instructions here and within minutes you'll be ready to edit your new website.

How-to add a live link (hyperlink) within an e-mail so you can take advantage of people's urge to click on a link! This is simply useful information to have, even though it has more to do with editing e-mails, not editing your website.

Give your e-mail recipients every reason to click on the link to your website as soon as they read your e-mail!

This is the fastest way to convert site visitors into purchasers. Since most e-mail providers are similar, for demonstrations purposes we've used g-mail (that is a free Google.com e-mail account) and Thunderbird (a free open source e-mail client from Mozilla).